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Project Look Sharp Multimedia

What is Media Literacy?

Explains how media literacy is an extension of traditional "literacy" in that media literacy applies to all different forms of media through which we get our information, impressions, and understandings of the world.

What is Project Look Sharps Approach to Media Literacy?

Explains Project Look Sharp's 3-pronged approach to Media Literacy Education

What is Constructivist Media Decoding?

Explains Project Look Sharp's "constructivist" media decoding pedagogical approach to media analysis.

How Does a Teacher Lead a Media Decoding?

Demonstrates best practices used for leading a media decoding in the classroom. Be sure to read the subtitles while viewing the video as they refer to the pedagogical implications.

Does Fair Use of Copyright Apply in Education?

Explains Project Look Sharp's approach to creating curriculum that contains copyrighted media materials. Media materials can be reproduced and used where critiquing of the media is the central objective.