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Media Representations of Working Class Men: Different Eras, Different Understandings

In this media literacy activity students analyze a portion of a mural from the 1930s and a clip from “The Simpsons” TV show from the 1990s for messages about media representation of working class men.

Grade Level: Middle School, High School
Subject: Psychology, Visual Arts, Film/Video Arts, US History And Government, Economics, Sociology

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Internet Messages About Toys: What’s the Purpose?

In this media literacy activity, students analyze a toy commercial, an educational video and a clip from an animated film for messages about the purpose of media messages.

Grade Level: Early Childhood, Early Primary
Subject: English Language Arts, General Media And Information Literacy, Film/Video Arts, Commercial Arts/Advertising, Consumer Education, Economics

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Media Bias Charts: Who’s Rating What?

In this media literacy activity students analyze 4 charts on the political bias of different news sources with background information on the authors and methodology for each chart, to reflect on credibility, political bias in the media, the student’s own confirmation biases, and extremist views on the Internet.

Grade Level: High School, College/adult
Subject: General Media And Information Literacy, Journalism, Consumer Education, Sociology

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