List of Project Look Sharp Curriculum Kits

Kits with a Common Core icon common core standards have lessons or units which are aligned with specific Common Core Standards. See the Common Core Index page for a list of kits, units, and lessons, which are in alignment. This list is evolving, and we are constantly updating it.

Kits with a Facebook icon have a custom Facebook page associated with them. This page features a myriad of resources which include questions, polls, additional articles, and a library of images. These specialized fan pages also give you the opportunity to connect with other educators, from around the world, who are also using this particular kit. You can also directly interact with the staff of Project Look Sharp to ask questions or just engage in discussion. On the download page for the kit, you will find a button to "like" the page.

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[ELEMENTARY]Causes of the American Revolution common core standards
[MIDDLE SCHOOL] Economics in U.S. History  common core standards
[HS/COLLEGE] Global Media Perspectives  common core standards
[ELEMENTARY]Introducing Africa  common core standards
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of the Middle East  common core standards
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Peace  common core standards
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Social Justice
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns 2008
[HS/COLLEGE] new Media Constructions of Presidential Campaigns 2016
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of War  common core standards
[HS/COLLEGE] Soviet History through Posters common core standards


[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Chemicals in the Environment
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Endangered Species
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Global Warming
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Resource Depletion
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Constructions of Sustainability
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Constructions of Sustainability: Finger Lakes
[ELEMENTARY] new Media Constructions of Sustainability: Lower Elementary
[ELEMENTARY] new Media Constructions of Sustainability: Upper Elementary
[MIDDLE SCHOOL] new Media Constructions of Sustainability: Middle School


[ELEMENTARY] Critical Thinking and Health: K-1


[MIDDLE SCHOOL] Media Constructions of Martin Luther King, Jr.

 common core standards


[COLLEGE] Creativity and Aging Through the Lens of Film common core standards


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