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List of Curriculum Kits by Content

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[ELEMENTARY] Causes of the American Revolution 
[MIDDLE SCHOOL] Economics in U.S. History  
[HS/COLLEGE] Global Media Perspectives  
[ELEMENTARY] Introducing Africa  
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of the Middle East  
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Peace
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Social Justice
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of War  
[HS/COLLEGE] Soviet History through Posters 


[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Chemicals in the Environment
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Endangered Species
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Construction of Resource Depletion
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Constructions of Sustainability
[HS/COLLEGE] Media Constructions of Sustainability: Finger Lakes
[ELEMENTARY] Media Constructions of Sustainability: Lower Elementary
[ELEMENTARY] Media Constructions of Sustainability: Upper Elementary
[MIDDLE SCHOOL] Media Constructions of Sustainability: Middle School


[ELEMENTARY] Critical Thinking and Health: K-1


[MIDDLE SCHOOL] Media Constructions of Martin Luther King, Jr. 


[COLLEGE] Creativity and Aging Through the Lens of Film