Media Constructions of Sustainability: Middle School

Middle School -this kit provides middle school teachers and community educators with the materials needed to engage students in a dynamic and constructivist process of learning how sustainability has been presented in the media with a particular focus on issues related to energy, biodiversity, climate change and water.
All materials are free and classroom-ready, including: overviews, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, and all digital media.
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Coal: Benefits and Costs
Hydropower: Benefits and Costs
Nuclear: Benefits and Costs
Oil: Benefits and Costs
Solar: Benefits and Costs
Wind: Benefits and Costs
Comparing Renewables: U.S. vs. Global Energy Use
Ethanol: Pros And Cons
Hydropower Dams: To Build or to Dismantle?
Exploring the Impact of Hydrofracking on Aquifers
Hydrofracking Pros & Cons: Arguing the Case
Species Preservation: Seeking Solutions
Interrelationships: Human & Buffalo
Rachel Carson: Who Controls Nature?
Climate: Climate Change & Biodiversity
Habitat Destruction: The Idea of Progress
Invasive Species: How Do We Stop an Invasion?
Pollution: Industrial Restoration or Destruction
Trophy Hunting: Conservation or Destruction?
Oil Palm Plantations: Effects on Tropical Rainforests
Valuing Water: Different Perspectives
Watersheds: Stewardship & Climate Change
Drought Causes: Climate Change Impacts
Drought & Farming: Thirsty Crops
Poverty: Climate Change & Water Security
Natural Gas: Water & Climate Impacts
El Nino: Connections to Global Warming
Extreme Weather: Climate Change Connections & Water
Sea Level Rise: Climate Change Impacts