Media Constructions of Presidential Campaigns - 2016 Update

Project Look Sharp, a media literacy initiative of Ithaca College, has developed Media Constructions of Presidential Campaigns: A Document-Based History Kit, which contains more than 200 curriculum activities that use a wide variety of media messages from electoral campaigns beginning in 1800 and continuing to the present day. Media Constructions of Presidential Campaigns was developed with funding from the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy. Activities related to the 2016 campaign are funded by a grant from the Park Foundation.

Excerpted from "(Not so) Unprecedented: Media Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Race and Its Historical Precedents" by Sox Sperry - NCSS Social Education, September 2016.

Download all (.zip 466mb)


Find the original Media Constructions of Presidential Campagns - full kit - here.

PROJECT LOOK SHARP is a media literacy initiative of the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College, working in collaboration with local school districts, New York State BOCES, the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) and other national media literacy organizations. The project is designed to promote and support the integration of media literacy and critical thinking into curricula at all grade levels and across instructional areas, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of media literacy education in the schools. This curriculum-driven initiative works directly with teachers and support staff to reach students and aims to foster a spirit of collaboration among educators using media literacy. Project Look Sharp provides curriculum materials, strategies and advice for media literacy instruction, and acts as a liaison between educators and the media literacy field at large.

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