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Election 2020 – The Facts are Clear but Who Do We Trust?

In this media literacy activity students analyze a collection of tweets from President Trump, a televised press conference statement by President-elect Joe Biden, a video opinion piece by Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, a press release from the U.S. Government office for cyber-security and infrastructure security and an online fact checking webpage by the Annenberg Public Policy Center for messages about the 2020 Presidential election results and media credibility.

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Psychology, Journalism, Consumer Education, US History And Government, US History, Civics And Government, Sociology, General Media Literacy, Library/Information Literacy

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High School, College

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Editorial Opinion, Informational Text, News - Video, Social Media, Speech, Web Video, News - Video, Speech, Editorial Opinion, News - Video, Web Video


Sox Sperry

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Reading: History Social Studies (RH), Speaking and Listening (SL)