Media Production

Sites to Search for Images | Sites with Image Collections | Sites for Curricular Connections and Getting Started | Sites for Copyright and Fair Use Information | Youth-Produced Media

Sites to Search for Images
Google Image Search
Lycos Multimedia Search

Sites with Image Collections
American Memory Collection
National Archives and Records Administration

Animal Pictures Archive
Sites with Images by Subject Area
Getty ArtsEdNet
Print, Literacy and Power
Discovery School's Clip Art Gallery
Stephanie Sinclair
A site with photos that can be used for critical analysis.

Sites with Digital Video
Consumer Digial Video
Digital video and media literacy resources, requires log in.

Sites for Curricular Connections and Getting Started
Lesson Plans from Creative Educator
What do you see? from the Library of Congress - American Memory Fellows Program
An Introduction to Finding Images on the Web

How to grab web images

Sites for Copyright and Fair Use Information

Citing WWW Addreses
Columbia Guide to Online Style
Copyright & Fair Use @ Stanford Univ.
Copyright in an Electronic Environment
Copyright Crash Course
Copyright in the Classroom: A Workshop for Educators
Interesting article with several links on a variety of copyright topics.
Copyright for Educator
A bibliography of links related to copyright.
Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use
> Electronic Sources: APA Style of Citation
Fair Use of Copyrighted Works
How to Cite Internet Resources (ClassroomConnect)
Plagiarism - Document Source Analysis on-line
Plagiarism - Preventing, Detecting and Tracking Online Plagiarism
Plagiarism - What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It
Plagiarism and the Web
Publishing Documents on the WWW - Policy Statement
What is Copyright Protection? The Berne Convention

Youth-Produced Media
About Face
Essays and art projects promoting positive self-esteem through media education
Cross Films
Environmental films by Seattle-area youth
What Kids Can Do
Documenting young people's lives, learning, and work, and their partnerships with adults both in and out of school
Listen Up Youth Media Network
Dozens of youth produced videos
Media Awareness Network
Links to youth media outlets

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