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Causes of the American Revolution

Elementary Level - this kit provides teachers and other educators with the materials and guidance to help fourth grade students understand the reasons that the British colonists elected to declare their independence from King George III between the years 1763-1776. As a part of these lessons students will be encouraged to consider the intent and impact of media documents from a variety of points of view including those of the colonists, King George, patriots, loyalists, slaves and Native Americans.
All materials are free and classroom-ready, including: overviews, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, and all digital media.
  • To download all materials, use the Action navigation button below. To download particular lessons only, navigate to and select the particular lesson to display the individual elements.
  • To purchase a flash drive with all print material and digital files, please contact 607-274-3471.
Be sure to read the kit introductory material located in the top left column.

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Proclamation of 1763
Tarred and Feathered
Boston Tea Party
Phillis Wheatley's Poem
The Intolerable Acts
Declaration of Independence
The Rebels
A Pair of Portraits
Remembering the American Revolution
No More Kings

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