1896 - 1908 The Modern Campaign

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1896 Bryan "Cross of Gold" Poster
1896 McKinley Front Porch Visitors Photograph
1896 McKinley "The Real Issue" Poster
1900 Bryan "The Issue-1900" Poster
1900 McKinley/Roosevelt "Promises" Poster
1900 McKinley and Millionaire Advisor Cartoon
1904 Parker "Jeffersonian Principles" Poster
1904 Debs "Socialist Party" Poster
1904 Photo of Roosevelt Stumping and "Teddy's Teeth" Ad
1904 Teddy Roosevelt "New Diplomacy" Cartoon
1908 "Taft-evelt" Poster and Photo of Taft & Roosevelt
1908 Commoner vs Plutocrat Postcard
1908 Taft Haying Photograph