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2000-2008 Targeting the Spin

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2000 Music Performances at Conventions
2000 Biographical Films
2000 Election Campaign Commercials
2000 Newsmagazine Photos and Articles
2000 Gore-Bush 1st Debate
2000 Saturday Night Live Debate Skit
2000 Gore and Bush Intro to Saturday Night Live
2000 Newsweek Cover, "The Winner Is..."
2000 Convention Entrances
2000 Election Campaign Websites
2000 Comic Strips
2000 Where is the Salsa? Article
2000 Newsweek Sidebar "Faith is Busting Out All Over"
2000 News Photo of Handmade Signs
2004 Spin/Counter-Spin: Speeches, Articles, Ads & Websites
2004 Howard Dean Iowa Speech
2004 "Child's Pay" Commercial
2004 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Commercial
2004 Photo Ops and Counter Ops
2004 Doonesbury & Boondocks Comic Strips
2004 Targeting Latinos Commercials
2004 Election Campaign Websites
2008 Biographical Films
2008 Economy Ads
2008 Fear in TV Commercials
2008 Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin in Cartoons & Posters
2008 Historical Election Magazine Covers
2008 Targeting Youth with New Media
2008 Is Obama a Muslim? Sources & Credibility
2008 Political Satire or Libel?