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Our Professional Development Offerings

Our professional development helps educators master inquiry-based teaching practices that encourage all students to:

  • Share their perspectives
  • Reflect on their interpretations and beliefs
  • Demonstrate and deepen their understanding of subjects
  • Conduct evidence-based readings of multimodal texts
  • Expand their cultural competency
  • Hone their higher order thinking skills

All workshops and courses are:

  • Deeply interactive and created with the specific participants in mind
  • Led by internationally acclaimed educators with over 30 years of classroom experience
  • Designed to highlight and build from educators experiences and insights
  • Research informed and continuously iterated to be relevant and thought-provoking

Offerings can be tailored to specific subjects and grade-levels, including:

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • ELA
  • Health and Consumer Science
  • Librarians
  • Early Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Secondary

A range of durations and variety of delivery formats are provided to ensure the best match for your organization. Learning outcomes and supports are enhanced with more invested time. Please contact us if you're interested in a more custom PD session length.


Offering Duration Description/Learning Outcomes Mode Price
Keynote 30-90 min Inform and inspire a wide audience on the importance of media literacy for preparing learners to take part in today's world. In Person $1,000
Session Up to 2 hrs Introduce educators to interactive media literacy activities as engaged learners and reflective participants who will be asked to consider possible applications to their work In Person or Online $600
Full Day Workshop 6-8 hrs Equip educators with the skills necessary to draft a media literacy implementation plan of their own that they can use immediately in the classroom after taking part in interactive activities In Person $1,500
Institute 3-5 days Ensure educators are confident in the new skills they learn by providing them time to create engaging media literacy activities and an integration plan, practice with peers, and receive feedback from trainers (May include a media production component) In Person and/or Hybrid Please inquire for custom cost dependent on duration and participants
Course 6 sessions (1.5hrs each) Fully support educators in implementing a media literacy lesson with ongoing support to create, execute and reflect on their designed curriculum with feedback and revisions from trainers and peers along the way Online and/or Hybrid Please inquire for custom cost dependent on delivery mode, duration and participants

*If you’re interested in sustainable media literacy integration within your organization, please speak to us further about our Train the Trainers program, which can be layered into a multi-day institute or course.



Introduce educators to foundational media literacy practices through these trainings, which can range from two hours to a full day. Participants take part in inquiry-driven activities and share their interpretations of media documents presented by the facilitators. Attendees are then invited to reflect on how the learning experience resonates with their teaching context.

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  • Integrating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking into the Curriculum

  • Going Beyond Cyber Safety and "Just Say No": Healthy Strategies for Children and Teens in Today's Media Saturated World.

  • Truth, Lies and Metacognition: Integrating News Literacy into the Curriculum

  • Addressing Challenging Topics through Media Literacy

  • Amplifying Student Voice through Youth Media Production


Educators are supported in designing, implementing and revising their media literacy practices over an extended period of time with abundant resources and customized training along the way. The flexible format, offered fully online or through a hybrid approach, enables participants to learn from experts and work with their colleagues to apply learning theories and models to their teaching, develop their own activities, implement new instructional strategies, and reflect on their practice.

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  • Analysis, Reason and Reflection: Teaching Students to Think in a Media-Saturated World

  • Challenging Topics Course

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