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Examining the Credibility of Information on the Internet

Separating Fact and Fiction

Evaluation Criteria – Applying the CRAAP Test

Meriam Library of California State University, Chico uses the CRAAP Test to evaluate information you find. CRAAP stands for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose. Through a series of questions this test helps you to determine which information is important, relevant, and accurate and what information might not be.

CRAAP Test Rubric

Central Library MCHS uses this rubric to grade the information you find on a 0-15-point scale. Based on the score you get from the information will help you to decide between an excellent source of research and a questionable one.

CRAAP Test Analysis

The Ron E. Lewis Library at Lamar State College-Orange applies the Meriam Library approach to the CRAAP Test in rubric form in another way.

CRAAP Test Worksheet

This worksheet provides another form of grading the quality of information to help decide which information is most useful and what might be unacceptable.

Ithaca College Web Evaluation

Ithaca College Library provides a similar method of evaluating sources. The ACCORD Checklist (Agenda, Credentials, Citations, Oversight, Relevance, Date) helps to critically think about the information that is published. Along with a new set of questions the Ithaca College Library also provides a quiz to help decide if information can pass the ACCORD criteria test.

*All CRAAP Test rubrics and worksheets are provided by CCBS Library. To learn more about the CRAAP Test and evaluating sources visit their site here.