Teaching about Tragedy and Terrorism through Media Literacy

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Curriculum/Classroom Ideas and Resources

National Council of the Social Studies
To help our nation's teachers deal with the sad and tragic events that occurred September 11th, 2001 the National Council of the Social Studies (NCSS) is providing a free information service for educators on its website http://www.socialstudies.org. See lesson ideas from NCSS's resource page. "Teaching about Tragedy" is designed to assist all teachers help their students cope with and make sense of the senseless.
Key features of the site include an area where teachers can share their experiences and insights in dealing with this or other tragedies within the classroom, articles from NCSS journals and books relating to the subject, and links to other related resources and information. Additionally, the site provides contact information for media looking for social educators and experts to discuss this and related subjects with teachers, teacher educators, and school officials.

Media Workshop, September 11
A list of September 11th resources to use in the classroom:

Related Materials (in the Project Look Sharp Media Literacy Library)

Joanne Cantor, Mommy, I’m Scared
David Considine, Visual Messages
Robert Kubey (Ed.), Media Literacy in the Information Age
Edward Wakin, How TV Changed America’s Mind

Videos with Teacher Guides
Images of Conflict: Learning from Media Coverage of the Gulf War
Scanning Television

Teacher Guides
Living in the Image Culture
Using the Newspaper in Upper Elementary and Middle Grades
Using the Newspaper in Secondary Social Studies

Links to Relevant Websites

Smartschools Teaching Tips on Helping Students Cope With Disasters

American Academy of Pediatrics
Dr. David Walsh, Families & Media
Mr. Rogers

Alternative Press Commentary

Common Dreams Newscenter

Utne Reader

Teaching Strategies

"Teaching about Tragedy" National Council of the Social Studies
PBS Resources

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