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Internet Credibility Sites

Evaluating Information – Applying the CRAAP Test

Searching the Web and Understanding Search Engines
Search the Internet for Web pages; news; and audio, video or image files.
VeriSign WHOIS
Find out who has registered a domain name.
Access tips on searching the Web and an analysis of the search engine industry.
Wayback Machine
Access a digital library and archive of the Internet.
Search Engine Positioning
Service providing search engine optimization for clients.

Hoaxes and Urban Legends

Urban Legends and Folklore
Articles about urban legends.
Museum of Hoaxes
Promotes knowledge about the phenomenon of hoaxes.

Fake Sites
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
The White House

Decoding URLs and Other Technical Strategies
UC Berkely Glossary of Internet and Web Jargon
Help with understanding and decoding URLs.
Psalms Scroll
Good site to practice truncating the URL.

Articles on Internet Credibility

Teaching Zack to Think
An article by Alan November about a student writing a paper about how the Holocaust never happened.
Grammar of the Internet
How to evaluate information on the Internet by Alan November.
Whales in the Minnesota River?
New York Times article arguing that skepticism is necessary when navigating the Web.

Teaching Web Evaluation
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Examples and criteria that explain why it is a good idea to evaluate Web sources.
John Hopkins University Library
Article titled "Evaluating Information"
UC Berkeley Library Teaching Tutorial
Techniques to apply and questions to ask when evaluating Web pages.
Kathy Schrock's ABC's of Web Site Evaluation
An A-Z Guide of Web Site Evaluation.
Kathy Schrock's Critical Evaluation of Information
Tools for helping students critically evaluate a Web page, including surveys for elementary, middle and secondary school students.

Lesson Plan Ideas
New York Times Education Section Daily Lesson Plan
Education World Curriculum Archives
Media Smarts - Web Awareness Workshop Series