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Sites for Copyright and Fair Use Information

Copyright & Fair Use @ Stanford Univ.

Stanford University Libraries discuses the issues surrounding copyright and fair use issues through publishing copyright case opinion summaries.

Copyright in an Electronic Environment

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction breaks down how to properly use copyright electronic materials including text, motion media, music, and more.

Copyright Crash Course

The University of Texas Libraries published an online copyright crash course guide for students and educators.

Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use

Education World has published a five-part series on copyright, fair use, and liability for educators.

Electronic Sources: APA Style of Citation

Purdue Online Writing Lab is a resource for writing guidelines.

Fair Use of Copyrighted Works has published an article on copyright law, intellectual property, and trademark law.

Plagiarism - Document Source Analysis on-line

Hartnell College provides a set of strategies and software tools for identifying plagiarism online.

Intellectual Property

IEEE explores intellectual property rights, copyright and trademark infringement, and provides plagiarism guidelines.

What is Copyright Protection? The Berne Convention provides up to date articles on copyright information.