Media Constructions of Sustainability

High School through College
This kit explores how sustainability has been presented in the media with a particular focus on issues related to food, water and agriculture. Each of the 19 lessons integrates media literacy and critical thinking into lessons about different aspect of sustainability. Constant themes throughout the kit include social justice, climate change, energy, economics and unintended consequences.

All materials are classroom-ready, including: teacher guides, student handouts, overviews, and assessments.

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Download each teacher's guide and media below.

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  • Lesson 1: What Do You Know: Questions About Sourcing, Credibility and Bias

  • Lesson 2: Creative Visions of the Future

  • Lesson 3: Defining Sustainability

  • Lesson 4: Sustainability & Media: Introducing Content Analysis

  • Lesson 5: Student Media Research Project on Sustainability

  • Lesson 6: Voices Role-Play

  • Lesson 7: Farming, Community and Sustainability

  • Lesson 8: Sustainable Economics

  • Lesson 9: Food Security

  • Lesson 10: Sustainable Cultures

  • Lesson 11: The Value of Water

  • Lesson 12: Who Owns the Water?

  • Lesson 13: Consumerism & Sustainability

  • Lesson 14: BP Oil and Gulf Fisheries

  • Lesson 15: Who Stewards Seeds?

  • Lesson 16: Green Revolution

  • Lesson 17: Guiding Our Food Choices

  • Lesson 18: Biofuels

  • Lesson 19: Transitioning to a Sustainable Future

  • NOTE: See continued lessons 20 through 26 in Media Constructions of Sustainability: Finger Lakes

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