Workshops & Presentations

Project Look Sharp personnel are available for large and small group presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. These range from a general introductory presentation on the use of media literacy in the classroom to topical workshops related to media literacy (e.g., multicultural or gender issues, media violence, body image, substance abuse, and judging credibility of information on the Internet).

Please contact us at 607-274-3471 or fill out this form to request a presentation. See available workshops and other fees below.

Workshop Fees

Keynote Address: $500.00

2 Hour Workshop- $500.00
Half day - $750.00
Full day - $1,250.00
Multi-day Workshop- fees vary

There are additional costs associated with: transportation, accommodations (if needed), hard copies of curriculum kits (if requested), travel time (over an hour driving distance), specialized materials (if requested), and 2 trainers (if requested).

Please contact us at 607-274-3471 or fill out this form to request a presentation

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  • Integrating Common Core Standards across the Curriculum with Critical Thinking and 21st Century Literacies

  • Integrating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking into the Curriculum

  • Secondary Social Studies Integration with Curriculum Kits

  • Youth Culture and New Technologies

  • Media Violence & Conflict Resolution

  • Critical Thinking & the News

  • Media & Health Issues

  • Credibility, Information and Science

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