Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns

A Document-Based History Kit, 3rd Edition

High School through College
This kit helps to teach about the role of media in 28 U.S. elections ranging from 1800-2008. Over 160 media documents are included for decoding, including slides of posters, handbills and political cartoons; audio clips of songs and radio programs; and video clips of speeches, debates, comedy TV and political commercials. Students will learn how to analyze historical documents, the history of presidential campaigns, the crafting and marketing of campaign messages, and the impact of new technologies and new media on presidential campaigns.

All materials are classroom-ready, including: teacher guides, student handouts, overviews, assessments, resource lists, and more than 140 historic media documents.

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Be sure to read the kit introductory material to the left of this page.

Download each teacher's guide and media below.

1800  |   1828-1840  |   1860-1872  |   1896-1908  |   1932-1944
1952-1964  |   1968-1972  |   1984-1992  |   2000-2008

1860-1872: Slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction

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